Owens & Associates, Special Investigation Solutions

OASIS Risk is a Massachusetts based Private Investigation company, founded and operated by its Principal Investigator, Garrett Owens. What we can do for you:

  • We Find Facts – We provide in-depth, fact-based information from an array of public and proprietary resources to assist with your particular needs.
  • We Identify Risks – We are trained and experienced in analyzing and gathering intelligence to identify red flags or damaging issues that may be useful to know before relationships are established.
  • We Provide Peace of Mind – We identify information to corroborate certain facts or details to help you make more informed decisions (or let you sleep at night).
  • We Help you See the Big Picture – We can see the situation objectively and provide an alternative viewpoint to the matter at hand.

Practice Areas


Statements, Interview & Interrogations

Document Research & Retrieval

Accident Scene Investigations

Locate Investigations

Activity Checks


Locate Checks

Criminal Check

Comprehensive Background Check

Background Investigations

Due Diligence Investigations


Mobile Notary services throughout Western MA