Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe on the roads this weekend

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Now that we are stuffed with turkey, and stuffing, cranberry sauce, and desserts, what’s next? Black Friday and the busiest shopping weekend of the year. This also brings a rise in auto accidents. So here are some great tips to stay safe on the road this weekend:

1. Avoid spaces next to cars parked at an angle.
2. Park as far away as you can from store entrances.
3. Use your eyes and mirrors — and ask your passengers to look around, too — to make sure your path is clear before pulling or backing out of a parking space.
4. Thanksgiving Sunday is the most dangerous day of the holiday week to be on the road. Do you really need to travel on this day?
5. Go back on Monday instead. This day is the safest time to head home after the holidays, with 37% fewer accidents compared with the Sunday of Thanksgiving.
6. Cut the visit short and head back on Saturday, which is a safer time to travel, with 17% fewer accidents compared with the Sunday of Thanksgiving.


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