New Scam Alert!

***NEW SCAM ALERT out of Chicopee, MA ***

This apparent new scam happened and was reported to the Chicopee police department on December 11th. A citizen called and stated he purchased a new RCA Tablet and began setting it up at his home. About 1hr into the setup, he received a phone call from a private number. The party states that the caller had a heavy accent, and stated they were from Microsoft. The caller stated that the person purchasing the tablet was owed money on his purchase. Somehow, the caller took control of the tablet, as the reporting party said the cursor was being moved. Suddenly, a Money Gram application opened up on the screen, and the caller told the RP to enter all his personal information to have the money refunded. The RP immediately shut down his tablet, and told the caller no, and hung up. The caller continued to call back for approximately 15 times, until the RP stated he was calling the authorities.

Folks, Microsoft will not call you to offer a rebate and take over your device. DO NOT give out any personal information. Please, be leery of opening links from emails, research websites before entering any information.

As always, feel free to call or message me for a free consultation how to protect your private information.

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