Give the gift of Peace of Mind


It’s that time of the year again when love is best represented through some physical present bought at the mall. How do you prove your love is real during this competitive gift-buying time? By choosing the gift that matters—that will really make a difference in your loved one’s life, that will impact his or her future for the better and will make your other relatives think “Why didn’t I think of that?”
Don’t be out-gifted by your other too-thoughtful relatives. Consider buying the gift that protects this holiday season:

Pepper spray
Pepper spray is a great stocking stuffer for vulnerable loved ones. If you have a son or daughter who walks home late at night after work or who lives on his or her own, then consider gifting them with the sidekick that has a kick—pepper spray. Hotter than actual peppers, pepper spray is not just a self-defense method against other humans. As the Resist Attack Foundation reminds, pepper spray can be used against bears, mountain lions, rabid dogs, and any other dangerous animal that could attack. As a defense against a myriad of dangers, pepper spray is truly a gift of protection.

New windshield wipers
When living in regions like New England that challenge your ability to see through your windshield, it’s important to be equipped with quality windshield wipers. Avalanches of car roof snow and onslaughts of icy rain can really necessitate windshield wipers that have Herculean wiping strength. Don’t let your loved ones drive with wimpy wipers. Grant them the gift of sight this holiday season.

A monitored Home Security System
In our increasingly violent world, sometimes it can be hard to feel safe. This sense of fear is not limited to age or gender but can be thwarted with the proper tools. Some people feel safer with a pet like a loyal dog though dogs are not bulletproof.
Some people feel safer with a gun though owning a gun is shown to increase the risk of homicide and suicide. Others feel safer with a home security system.
Whether you choose to gift your home security system (or pepper spray or windshield wipers) to the family that you live with, or your parents who live alone, or your children who live independently—the gift of security transcends the usual commercialism of the holiday season because these gifts say what you really want to say to your loved ones: I love you, and I want you to be safe.
To protect your loved ones with a home security system, monitored by Protect America, and keep the holidays happy this season, call us at 860-292-0894.

And now through the end of the year, all new orders will come with a $100 gift card provided by OASIS. You can use it as an added gift to your loved one. Or you can keep it for yourself. (We won’t tell!)

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

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