SIU & LEGAL INVESTIGATIONS:  With a comprehensive knowledge of the state and federal court systems, local municipal offices, state and federal agencies, as well as an extensive knowledge of the insurance claims industry, we provide Investigation services to attorneys, insurance companies, private businesses, and pro se litigants.  We have the experience to conduct investigative tasks on many types cases to include: Personal Injury and Traffic Accident Forensics, Employment Accidents, Arson investigation, Product Liability investigation, investigation of financial and equity matters, Professional Malpractice and Negligence, Skip-tracing, Civil and Criminal Litigation, etc. Augmenting your existing staff, virtually or on-site, we will custom design your assignment needs and reports to fit your specific handling requirements. From client interviews, witness statements, photographs, and other initial investigative work, to discovery, witness management, expert selection, trial preparation, and trial assistance, there is no part of the litigation process in which we do not bring extensive experience.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whatever your litigation needs may be, we are available to augment litigation support teams. We are available to:  

  • Statements, Interview & Interrogations – No matter what time of day, we are available to interview clients, witnesses, medical personnel and experts, etc. We can conduct it as an informal interview, or official recorded or written statement, obtaining all the detailed facts about the case, and delivering the evidence to you asap. If you need any documentation signed as well, we would be happy to get it signed and delivered back to you.
  • Activity Checks:
    • In-House – We will perform a database investigation to verify the subject’s critical information before working a case. We use several data sources to obtain as much information on your subject as possible. In addition to these searches, a social security trace of the subject is conducted for the following information: current and prior addresses, a list of all surrounding neighbors, photos of the surrounding area, a search for vehicle information, criminal and civil searches and much more.
    • In-Field – This includes all the components as our Activity Check, but we also conduct up to 4 hours of field investigation along with the data searches and a neighborhood canvass.
  • Mitigation Investigations – In depth investigation and research into the pasts of your clients, looking for any information in the client’s background to provide mitigating circumstances for why or how their crime may have happened, in effort to best tell their life stories to juries who must decide their sentences.
  • Accident Scene Investigations – We will photograph, measure and diagram the scene from all angles, document traffic light timing, and conduct a neighborhood canvass to identify any witnesses. These investigations can be conducted at the same time of day, with the same weather conditions, to assure accuracy. Photos of the scene, during similar conditions will provide you with the best insight into the conditions and circumstances that may have had a significant affect on the incident in question.
  • Document Research & Retrieval – Records research of government agencies virtually or on-site, such as local, state, and federal courts, police departments, or tax recorder’s offices – to conduct property title forensics, and/or obtain copies of file documents.